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Michelle could have easily overlooked Barack’s advances and only played her mentor role.

She turned him down a few times, but eventually she decided to give in.

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However, the car ride home is perfectly acceptable.

I’m pretty sure that Barack has reneged on a few dinner dates and movie nights in the last four years.

I’m also pretty sure that by the time she got to Sidley Austin, she also didn’t see second fiddle to the new Associate in her future.

However, once she found a great man, she agreed to be patient, for the light is always at the end of the tunnel.

I’m sure that when Michelle was growing up and imagining what her life would be like, it didn’t look like playing second fiddle to some guy from Hawaii.

I wanted to point out five key characteristics in Michelle’s life that really show obvious difference between Michelle and many of her admirers.

Keep in mind, this is not a list that you can pick and choose what applies.

The building has seen various textile uses, including bootmaking, millinery and tailoring.

How many times have you gone on Facebook and seen that one of your female friends has changed her profile picture to the Obama’s, or even just a picture of Michelle? It seems that a growing majority of Black women find themselves in an unhealthy admiration of Michelle.

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