Xm radio display not updating

Further, Sirius XM was sued in federal court by a customer accusing it of deceptively raising prices.

The report also stated that "Sirius, in a statement, said it was cooperating with the investigations and that it believed its 'consumer-related practices comply with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations.'" in addition to a network of ground-based repeaters.

Its service included 73 different music channels, 39 news, sports, talk and entertainment channels, 21 regional traffic and weather channels and 23 play-by-play sports channels.

XM channels were identified by Arbitron with the label "XM" (e.g., "XM32" for "The Bridge").

United Airlines started carrying prerecorded XM content in March 2006.

Zipcar, an urban car-sharing service in the United States, initially installed XM receivers in all of their vehicles available for daily or hourly rental.

But providers have stuck with the plan for more channels instead of better quality.

HD terrestrial digital radio, a competitor has always used this difference as a selling point.

It provided pay-for-service radio, analogous to cable television.The combination of two satellites and a ground-based repeater network was designed to provide gap-free coverage anywhere within the contiguous U.S., the southern tip of Alaska, and in the southern part of Canada.In addition, XM used to broadcast local weather and traffic conditions in its larger markets. To receive satellite radio programming, a customer was required to purchase a receiver. With a service commitment, it was possible to get a simple receiver for free.Monthly packages started at US.99/month but after adding multiple sports channels (which was mandatory to have at that time) the monthly subscription changed to US.49/month (changed since 2011 from US.95/month) with add-on "family" radios at US.99/month.However, citing uncertainty in the satellite radio market, Zipcar announced on May 1, 2007 that all XM radios would be removed from its fleet in the following months.In contrast to its high-quality broadcasts, Sirius/XM's customer service has drawn fire from some state governments.Certain aircraft had the XM radio service provided to the aircraft's audio system, which allowed passengers to listen to XM radio while flying.In 2005, Air Tran Airways began putting XM Satellite Radio on their aircraft, while in January 2006, Jet Blue Airways added XM Radio to their aircraft.Unlike weather radar, which relies on the aircraft's own equipment, the satellite service could give a pilot information about weather anywhere in USA and Canada.The downside is that the various weather streams (radar, cloud coverage, lightning, forecast, TAF, FA, etc...) took around 15 minutes to complete the data download, meaning that the information can be somewhat out-of-date by the time it is shown.

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