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The X-Men finally witnessed the apparent end of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants following an encounter with the alien Stranger, ending with the Stranger taking Magneto and the Toad to his planet for study, and transforming Mastermind into dense matter..However, the robots revolted against their master, capturing Trask and the Professor and taking them to their new robotic leader, Master Mold.Factor Three struck again when the Professor attempted to cure his step-brother of being the Juggernaut.The resulting experiment of both science and sorcery ended with the Juggernaut's revival and the Professor on the brink of death.The X-Men gained another ally in Ka-Zar when an investigation of his existence at the South Pole led to the discovery of the Savage Land.The X-Men aided Ka-Zar and his saber-toothed cat, Zabu, in defeating the Swamp Men.The group found the X-Men "guilty" of betraying mankind and sentenced them to death.

Arriving in Europe, they were captured by Factor Three, whose membership included the Vanisher, Blob, Unus, Mastermind as well as two new villains: the Changeling and Mutant Master.

Cecilia Reyes, Rogue, Storm, Warpath Students: Anole, Armor, Blindfold, Broo, Cipher, Dust, Ernst, Face, Genesis, Gentle, Glob Herman, Graymalkin, Hijack, Hindsight, Indra, Ink, Kid Gladiator, Kid Omega, Match, Mercury, Michaela Ladak, Morph, Nature Girl, No-Girl, Oya, Pixie, Primal, Rockslide, Shark-Girl, Sprite, Stepford Cuckoos, Surge, Trance, Transonic, Triage, Velocidad Alchemy, Angel (Young), Ariel, Aurora, Banshee, Beak, Beast (Young), "Beast", Bling! The roster is made up of Mutants who have been trained and educated in the use of their powers at the Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

, Blink, Boom-Boom, Box, Cable, Caliban, Cannonball, Cerebra, Cloak, Colossus, Creep, Crosta, Cyclops, Cyclops (Young), Cypher, Dagger, Danger, Darwin, Dazzler, Deathlok Prime, Dr. Due to a sudden leap in evolution, Mutants, or Homo superior, are born with superhuman abilities which generally manifest themselves at puberty.

Frankenstein, Doctor Nemesis, Domino, Elixir, Manuel Enduque, E. A., Eye Boy, Fantomex, Forget Me Not, Frenzy, Emma Frost, Gambit, Goldballs, Havok, Hellion, Hepzibah, Hope, Husk, Iceman (Young), Joseph, Juggernaut, Karasu, Karma, Ziggy Karst, Krakoa, Kymera, Lady Mastermind, Legion, Lifeguard, Loa, Lockheed, Logan, Longshot, Lucid, M, Maggott, Magneto, Marrow, Marvel Girl (Young), Mimic, Mystique, Namor, Northstar, Omertà, Onyxx, Petra, Phoenix, "Phoenix", Polaris, Prodigy, Professor X, "Professor X", Psylocke, Dr. Mutants are often hated and feared by other humans because they are different from themselves.

Kavita Rao, Revanche, Revenant, Sabretooth, Sage, Sapna, Scorpion Boy, Karima Shapandar, Sebastian Shaw, Silent Monk, Slipstream, Sojobo, "Sojobo", Spider-Man, Squidface, Stacy X, Sunfire, Sunpyre, Sunspot, Sway, Tempus, Thunderbird (Proudstar), Thunderbird (Shaara), Toad, Tri-Joey, Vulcan, Warbird, Warlock, Wolfsbane, Wolverine, "Wolverine", Wraith, X-23, X-Man, Xorn (Kuan-Yin), Xorn (Shen), Zach, Zero Alpha Flight, Atlanteans, Avengers, Avengers Unity Division, Big Hero Six, Blade, Abigail Brand, Cadre K, Captain Britain, Captain Marvel (honorary member), Lila Cheney, Peter Corbeau, Darkwind, Deadpool (honorary member), Defenders, Doctor Strange, Fred Duncan (deceased), Elektra, Energizer (honorary member), Excalibur (defunct), Exiles, Fantastic Four (defunct), Fiz (honorary member), Sharon Friedlander (deceased), Future Foundation, Gateway (deceased), Gazer (deceased), Generation X (defunct), Dr. D., Vange Whedon (lawyer), Warclan, X-Corporation (defunct), X-Corps (defunct), X-Factor (X-Terminators) (defunct), X-Factor (Government) (defunct), X-Factor Investigations (defunct), X-Force (defunct), X-Force (Strike Team) (defunct), X-Men (Blue Team), X-Men (Jean Grey's), X-Statix (defunct), X-Terminators (defunct), Young Avengers (defunct), Young X-Men (defunct), Utopian mutants (defunct) Abraham Cornelius, Absorbing Man, Acolytes (defunct), Adjunct, Adversary, A. M (defunct), Annex Squad (defunct), Animax, Apocalypse (deceased), Arcade, Baba Yaga, Bantam, Bastion, Belasco, Beyonder, Black Tom Cassidy, Black Womb (deceased), Bolivar Trask, Brood, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (defunct), X's Brotherhood (defunct), Callisto, Children of the Vault, Church of Humanity, Chthon, Clan Akkaba, Cobalt Man, Count Nefaria, Crazy Maisie, Crimson Commando, Crimson Pirates, Crossbones, Crystal Claws, Cyburai, Cytorrak, D'Ken, Daken, Dark Avengers (defunct), Dark Riders, Dark X-Men, Deathbird, Demi-Men, Desert Dwellers, Desturi, Dire Wraiths, Doctor Doom, Doctor Octopus, Dominus, Dracula, Drenx, Eel, Ejulp, El Tigre, Electric Eve, Eli Bard (deceased), Elias Bogan, Emmanuel De Costa (deceased), Empath, Emplate, Enchantress, Erik the Red, Evolutionaries, Exodus (deceased), Fabian Cortez, Factor Three, Fenris, Fever Pitch, Firelord, Firstborn, Forge's New Mutants (defunct), Freedom Force, Friends of Humanity, Fury, Future Brotherhood, Galactus, Garokk, Genegineer, Gene Nation, Gortokians, Graydon Creed, Grey Gargoyle, Guardian Clan, Haleena, H. Spending most of his adult years studying mutation at Oxford University, Professor Charles Xavier who himself was a secret mutant telepath formed the legendary X-Men to protect a world that hates and fears them.

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