Wrestling fan dating

I knew Adam Copeland(edge) when I was younger and was talking to him a few years ago and he says they get hurt all the time. I cover UFC/MMA events around the world and train too.

So yes it's fake but they are very professional at what they do so give them the same respect you would anyone else with there job. PRIDE FC is the best in my oppinion, but all those guys are great athletes. Ya know, it's funny that people watch UFC, and then say they hate Wrestling because it's fake.

I, along with the rest of my employees, have been life-long wrestling fans.

I was just wondering if there are any females wrestling fans. I have been to a few bars in Hamilton on a WWE pay of view event. Anyone going to watch WWE Back Lash this Sunday been watching wrestling for the last 24 years now and still going strong i usually have wrestling parties at my place have the guys over and any female friends that wanna come out and hear all the language that would make any mother run down with the bar of soap LOL and yes i know it's fake, it's about the entertainment value we get out of it that's why they call it sport's entertainment and for some strange reason it does look like a DX reunion happeing but i doubt it.

I’ve been fortunate enough to meet the woman that would later be my wife, and learn on the first date that she was a wrestling fan.

I want the same thing for all single wrestling fans.

But what happens when there is a website where everyone on it has one common interest?

Bring in , a website devoted to finding people love who have a fascination and admiration for professional wrestling.

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