World of warcraft intimidating shout

Having the ability to have a 15 yard execute rage is god like.Spell Reflect is the optimal talent to choose in tier. It can also be used to reflect high damage spells i.e. Battle Trance is the optimal talent to choose in this tier.Think of Fury Warriors as glass cannons, dealing arguably the largest single target dps but severely lacking defensive abilities.

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This is a great little macro to have if your about to kill an enemy and healer decides to show up and save the day, simple set the healer as a focus and use the below macro.

You rarely should ever even need to use ER, however, as your regular bloodthirsts should be offsetting a decent amount of damage through your normal rotation while your occasional furious charge bloodthrists should be giving you a major advantage. In fact, I always found it to be far more durable than arms.

A lot of the time you probably don't even need to use those. Yeah, I never had trouble staying alive as Fury while leveling.

Fury is actually pretty self-sustaining with a little effort and the double time and furious charge talents.

Using heroic leap, intimidating shout, any stun items or champions (Dvalen is great for this), critters and even some other mobs, you can get enough distance to charge again and make bloodthirst turn into a significant heal.

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