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Her blog is a nice addition to the network of all the health and fitness information out there. Healthy Woman – The doctors at Healthy Woman are dedicated to the emotional, physical, and psychological needs of women.Their blog offers health advice ranging from nutritional tips to common birth control concerns and valuable cancer information. Hardy Girls Healthy Women – Hardy Girls Healthy Women is a research-based non-profit that whole-heartedly works to empower girls and women.They create a positive, safe space to talk about the vegan lifestyle and share information and advice.Whether your new to the lifestyle, a life-longer, or interested in being vegan, check out this empowering site full of knowledge. Women Health and Family Tips – Women Health and Family Tips combines nutrition, exercise and personal inner search for a healthier you. Nancy is a motivational speaker who draws on her life experience as a clinical psychologist, crisis responder and director of an employee assistance program to bring empowerment to other women. Stirrup Queens – Melissa provides information relating to adoption and infertility.She started her first business from scratch 11 years ago in her NYC apartment and has since grown her enterprise into the millions. Financial Freedom Coach for Women – Karie is a financial freedom coach for women.Her blog covers a wide range of financial topics as well as the occasional promotion for other women entrepreneurs. Owning Pink – Lissa Rankin, an OB-GYN physician, author and artist, blogs on

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Her first guest contribution to Tiny Buddha was so popular, her story was also featured in the bestselling Tiny Buddha book. Eve’s Health and Fitness Blog – Eve’s Health & Fitness blog gives valuable fitness tips and background information on food.There’s a lot of great personal advice here that we can all benefit from! As the mother of two twins conceived through fertility treatments she shares wisdom with other mothers and soon-to-be-mothers to help make their journey smoother. Any Body – Multiple individuals contribute to this site.All of them have the same mission of “giving women a voice to challenge the limited physical representation of females in contemporary society.” 21.They provide supportive advice for solo female travelers, as well as detailed, photo-rich city guides to the best cities for women. A Feminine Feast – Sabrina Chaw is a coach and lecturer who works to support women to “embody the truth and power of their Feminine core”.She also organizes women circles and workshops just for women. The Entrepreneurial Guru for Women – Ali provides business coaching and mentoring for women entrepreneurs.The authors are Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears who started the site as a living guide to business, their way.You can find their thoughts & ruminations on business, profiles of women-run businesses, resources for women entrepreneurs and more! Gypsy Gals – Gypsy Gals is a website written by Prime and Nina Sarmiento.Everyday Feminine Magic – Blog written by Indigo Bacal, the founder of Wilde (Women of Inspired Leadership Devoted to Evolution) Tribe.Indigo promotes feminine magic and finding your true voice. Purpose to Prosperity – Blog written by Sage Lavine, a business coach promoting women empowerment through financial freedom.Their goal is to motivate you to get healthy through a balance of good food and healthy activity. Imperfect Women – Imperfect Women is written and edited by about a dozen women (ages spanning four decades! The goal of the editors and writers is to reach out to women of all walks of life.They have a great sense of humor and take the punishment idea out of working out. FYI – FYI Be Healthy is dedicated to health and nutrition. They believe that, “each woman’s choices about her life and family should be respected.

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