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Katie explained that marriage is a little "terrifying" to her, but during a recent trip to Mexico the couple decided it was time to get married."We were in Mexico a couple weeks ago and we love Zihuatanejo, it's like our place," Katie said.

"We're gonna buy a little piece of land down there and we loved it so much that we were like, 'You know what?

That’s right, this group and the THOUSANDS of wives in it have been knockin’ our socks off for almost a year with all of their marriage inspiring goodness.

Margarita mix: Tequila: Chips and salsa: Total: 2.Run over to For Better & Forever and join before May 24th so you won’t miss out on this party of epic proportions!!You’re gonna be spoiled, you’re gonna be inspired, AND you’re gonna find your new go-to spot for all things marriage!!Planning a fun date night isn’t always as easy as it sounds–especially when you feel like you’ve been there, done that for just about every outing in your town.The Nest has started you off with 6 dates under .Roman Holiday Sometimes the best dates are the most relaxed ones. 2 slices of pizza: 1 bottle of Three-Buck Chuck: Ice cream for 2: Total: 3.Fashion Show She loves Trying on ridiculous outfits at a vintage store: free Disposable camera: Total: 4.Movie Mania Have the gang over for a BYOB movie night — but save the make out session for later.Renting Old School: Booze brought by friends: free Going streaking through the quad: optional Popcorn for 20: Total: 5. Bath salts: Bottle of prosecco: Getting clean and being dirty at the same time: priceless Total: For more ideas, including 20 dates under , 10 ways to surprise your spouse, 10 hot, hot, hot date ideas plus much more, check out more great date night ideas here.Let's just get married here.'"The couple will tie the knot on Nov. Katie's fiance Walter has worked with so many celebs during his career as a record producer and writer.He's won two Grammy Awards, one was even for Record of the Year for Céline Dion's "My Heart Will Go On." He's also worked with Mariah Carey and helped produce her hit song, "All I Want for Christmas Is You."Since he's worked with so many stars, you can bet there will be celebs at the couple's wedding."Kenny G is gonna play, Michael Bolton's gonna sing, like it's gonna be a weird MTV throwback '90s jam wedding," Katie revealed.

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