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Davis was awarded million by the jury in the case, an amount equal to more than half of the profit generated by the first season of the show.The A&E network responded through its spokesman, Michael Feeney, by saying, "We are deeply disappointed in the jury's decision, and we will follow the appropriate steps to have the verdict reversed." This same report also revealed that Leccima has been the subject of numerous legal actions stemming from fraudulent real estate solicitations, some of which were related to his activity on the show.From A&E's Claim to Not Know Anything About All of the Fraud on the A&E web site on July 1, 2007: "We are dismayed to learn of these allegations.A&E Television Networks is not a party to any of the transactions shown in Flip This House and has not received any formal complaints about the properties or sales.A&E has denied any knowledge of Leccima's activities and has stopped producing episodes. In season three, a new team from New Haven was introduced.Additionally, the team from Atlanta recast with a new group of people.

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This website is dedicated to the discussion of Armando Montelongo, his Master Home Study Course and his series of Flip and Grow Rich Ebooks. It touched on several of the issues I already found irritating about the show, at the end of the show they never tell the public about all of the other associated costs that went into the deal, such as; holding costs, realtor commissions paid, taxes paid, settlement costs, etc.Flip This House is an American television series that airs on the A&E (Arts and Entertainment) television network as well as the Bio network.Each episode spotlights the purchase and renovation of a single unit.Only the Montelongo team from San Antonio continued their roles from the prior season.s original executive producer and star, Trademark and Mr.While there, I clicked on "videos" and watched a few short clips of past episodes and it started me thinking...whatever happened to Armando Montelongo and his company?How are they weathering this market in San Antonio?In addition, he even claimed to sell another home that he didn't own.A&E announced that it was pulling Leccima's Flip This House episodes off its broadcast schedule and denied any knowledge or part in the frauds shown on their airways.His "Leccima Real Estate Company" was one of two real estate firms that the show's second season followed.According to a two-part television news report broadcast by Atlanta's Fox affiliate WAGA-TV in May 2007, Mr.

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