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But why is an actor who built her reputation working for directors from Poliakoff to Frears to Marber still playing second fiddle?

The answer, she tells Craig Mc Lean, is anything but elementary The master of deductive reasoning, he has kept readers, cinema-goers and crazed fans guessing for more than a century.

When the couple first met, Susan thought he was weird, we believe these were her exact words., and we had lunch with the director and Halle Berry, everybody else ordered Japanese, but Robert told us how oatmeal was the ‘super food’, he brought his own packets of oatmeal to have at lunch. It was certainly sudden, but that was an improvement from the 42 days he waited before he got hitched the first time.

The record is held by last year's "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2" at 9.2 million. Guy Ritchie (128 mins), starring Robert Downey Jr, Jude Law, Rachel Mc Adams, Mark Strong. James Cameron (161 mins), starring Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana Kelly Reilly rounds off a year of nailing supporting roles opposite Hollywood stars by playing Dr Watson's girlfriend in Guy Ritchie's 'Sherlock Holmes'.It’s certainly not a mystery why the relationship did not work knowing that Robert had a dark history with substance abuse.The two were married just 42 days after dating and against all odds they managed to stay married for 12 years.Like his father, he battled drug addictiond for many years until he managed to get sober in 2003.Downey has said that he is a “Jewish Buddhist” or “Ju Bu” and Buddhism has gotten him through some tough times.That was not the end of their marriage though, Falconer continued to brave it out through his arrest, imprisonment and release in 2000.After his release, the star still did not clean up hi act and though she desperately wanted him to get clean, that was the last straw.Deborah Falconer is currently a musician, but she dabbled in acting back in the day and she currently has 3 studio albums to her name.Most times life gives you a do over, you just have to make a choice to use it wisely and this is what Downey did with his. I mean, he was interesting but weird.’Soon after that meeting, he tracked Susan down on the set of , and three months later he asked her to marry him.Anyway, Susan finally accepted but first she laid down the law, it was going to be a long engagement (2 years) and he was going to get squeaky clean during that period of time. The 23 year old did not have the luxury of having a normal childhood and that has probably gotten to him.The two were finally married in 2005 and they have been providing us with relationship goals since then. Indio, who is the member of a band (The Seems), inherited his father’s knacker for substance abuse.

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