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He and Blair have an on-again-off-again relationship throughout most of the novels.Nate's family resides in a stately townhouse off Park Avenue on the exclusive Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City, and his mother's French socialite family owns a summer chateau in Nice.Chuck saves him from physical harm by paying his gambling debt, but when Nate tries to repay Chuck, he finds that his trust fund has been emptied.

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At the end of the series he sails around the world with a friend of his father's, Captain Charles "Chips" White to avoid getting in between Blair and Serena again.

Because of this, he is drawn to Carter Baizen, a former classmate who claims to have shunned his wealthy life and traveled around the world.

At Carter's invitation, Nate attends a poker game where he loses quite a bit of money, and he soon realizes that Carter set him up.

Nate's father promises Nate that he only did drugs once, but Nate witnesses him purchasing them again.

When he tries to tell his mother the truth, she does not believe him.

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