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Untold numbers of sermons have wrongly used this text to teach that we must frantically beg God to answer our prayers. The parable of the unjust judge and the pestering widow is a parable of contrast.The clear lesson of the parable is that God is not like the judge, for God is good and gracious.Wiersbe on at all times - It certainly doesn’t mean that we should constantly be repeating prayers, because Jesus warned against that kind of praying (Matt. Rather, it means to make prayer as natural to us as our regular breathing. In this context it the idea is continual prayer(recurring frequently, especially at regular intervals), not continuous ( continuing in time or space without interruption), nonstop prayer.Unless we are sick or smothering, we rarely think about our breathing; we just do it. Robert Stein - In light of the context in Luke –37-note, the content of this prayer is no doubt “Your kingdom come” (Lk 11:2-note; cf. Because of the delay in the consummation of the kingdom, it is especially important for persistent prayer to characterize the Christian life.

For instance, a yardstick placed beside a table is a parable to the table—it tells you how high it is.NOTE: This Verse by Verse Commentary page is part of an ongoing project to add notes to each verse of the Bible.Therefore many verses do not yet have notes, but if the Lord tarries and gives me breath, additions will follow in the future." (TNTC-Luke) Kistemaker - The two parables of 18:1-14 are closely related. (3850)(parabole from para = beside, near ballo = throw, cast; English "parable") is literally a throwing beside or placing of one thing by the side of another (juxtaposition as of ships in battle in classic Greek). In Hebrews 9:9 the idea is of something (OT Tabernacle) that serves as a model or example pointing beyond itself for later realization and thus a type or a figure.Prayer should be both persevering (Lk 18:1-8) and humble (Lk 18:9-14). The metaphorical meaning is to place or lay something besides something else for the purpose of comparison. Luke's uses of parabole - To show that - This is the translation of the preposition "pros" which primarily means movement toward but can speak of a goal, the idea being "for the purpose of." So here Jesus gives us the "key" to this parable before we even walk in the "door!But in the context in which Jesus gives this parable, it is clear that this persistence in prayer relates to the Lord's Second Coming and so John Mac Arthur entitles this section Luke 18:1-8 - Persistent Prayer for the Lord's Return.This important aspect of this parable on prayer will be discussed in greater detail in Luke 18:8-note. J Vernon Mc Gee gives us a helpful reminder so that we don't misinterpret the meaning of this parable - Now, I have heard many Bible teachers say that this parable teaches the value of importunate (troublesomely urgent, overly persistent in request or demand) prayer.We persist in prayer not because we have not yet gotten God’s attention, but because we know He cares and will hear us....The Christian (actually sub-Christian) version of this parable is to imagine that our fervent prayers will begin to accumulate a meritorious critical mass that God cannot ignore.(Baker New Testament Commentary – Exposition of the Gospel According to Luke) Now He was telling them a parable (literally "and He was saying" - cf Lk , , ) - Who is them? We have to check the immediate context and when we do, we will find the previous passage that says "He said to the disciples." (Lk ). " The purpose of the parable is that they (we) "ought to pray and not lose heart." Matthew Henry - This parable has its key hanging at the door; the drift and design of it are prefixed.Christ spoke it with this intent, to teach us that men ought always to pray and not to faint. Similarly, we are to pray at all times lest we "suffocate spiritually," and specifically in context so that we do not lose heart.

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