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Reading this book and using all of the tools provided will help you find and date more great men.A social tigress is a woman who is choosing men, she isn’t sitting there waiting to be chosen!These guys are smooth and many of you fall for their great looks and unwavering charm!The problem is that it’s the smooth ones you often want to avoid!Text Him This, Not That clears of a lot of the mystery behind texting men!

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The tools you find inside this book includes tools to: If online dating is your bag, I’ve got two great online dating advice books for you!

Because I give my email address in every book, I hear from and answer women every day.

One of the biggest questions they ask me is This is a valid question but let’s examine the answer in a quick but careful way.

I guarantee you that the men you meet are not dating just you, not at first anyway.

The Social Tigress is the first dating advice book I wrote to help women find a great guy.

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