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Han Hanna Banana (by Sean Ackard) Hefty Hanna (by Alison Di Laurentis ) Hanny (by Regina Marin) Lady H (by Mona Vanderwaal ) Velma (by Mona Vanderwaal ) Dora the Explorer (by Caleb Rivers) Jungle Jane (by Caleb Rivers ) Splice between Barbie and Shakira (by Lucas Gottesman ) Princess (by Caleb Rivers ) Alison Di Laurentis (Deceased) Emily Fields Spencer Hastings Aria Montgomery Mona Vanderwaal Toby Cavanaugh Lucas Gottesman Maya St.

Germain (Deceased) Wren Kingston Paige Mc Cullers Bridget Wu Ezra Fitz Cece Drake Malcom Cutler(babysitter) Pushed Wilden's squad car into a lake with Aria ( Exposed ) -Shoplifted (Exposed) -Bulimia (Exposed) Family had money troubles ("exposed to Caleb") Mother's affair with Detective Wilden (Revealed to Girls) The Jenna Thing Mother's embezzlement (Revealed to Caleb) Was present the night Alison Di Laurentis ' body was stolen.

Hanna then goes and talks to Danielle about she used to like Lucas but "couldn't compete" with all the other girls, and that he had sold some of his pictures online.

Her interest piqued, Danielle asks Lucas on a date.

Despite being the sweetest of the bunch, Hanna was often cruelly mocked and teased by Alison.

Quite possibly because Alison was aware that Hanna had the potential to be the more attractive girl if she gained confidence and lost weight.

Hanna and Aria are also very close and even though "A" forces Hanna to send Aria's mom to philly in exchange of her money back, she later regrets doing it and tries to get back the tickets that she earlier sneaked in Mrs Montgomery's desk.

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Hanna was part of Alison's clique and bore the nickname "Hefty Hanna" which, ironically, her 'friend' Alison came up with.Hanna begins to bond with the sweet but nerdy Lucas in "There's No Place Like Homecoming." Despite the fact that she was still dating Sean when they met, While she is in the hospital, he skips school to visit her in the hospital, and leaves her flowers, although she doesn't know who they are from.Ultimately, he admits to having strong feelings for her.Hanna then gets Caleb, whom she still hasn't forgiven, to hold her close in front of Danielle.No longer feeling threatened by Hanna, Danielle reaches for Lucas' hand and holds it.Though Hanna likes Lucas as a friend, she feels she couldn't date him and rejects him in "Moments Later." She attempts to mend their friendship in "Careful What U Wish 4," but "A" forces her to lead him on and break his heart, once again hurting him.After finding out that Mona destroyed Caleb's letter to Hanna, Lucas brings back Hanna's ex-boyfriend Caleb saying Hanna "deserves to be happy." Lucas then begins to crush on the new girl in photography club, Danielle, but is to shy to approach her.She does everything to keep her loved ones safe from A.She is protective of her friends and shows her fierce side when defending them.And in "Eye of the Beholder", Hanna tried talking to Toby about Jenna because she knew how much Spencer has been hurting since losing him.In Mona Mania, Hanna officially ended her friendship with Mona when Spencer lost the quiz off because of Mona.

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