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What is better than using your own platforme to highlight your new product ?

Wechat has obviously use H5 Wechat to launched its pay platform.

H5 Wechat is an interactive platform of Wechat where users can interact.

H5 allows you to include games, invites, animations, mobile shaking triggers and many other interactive thinghs.

Most brand do the contrary and users don’t enjoy the game because they feel just attacked by the branding Durex used H5 Wechat with a lot of creativity and novelty.

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In adition, H5 campaigns also allow users to post their own content, it create more traffic and make the campaign more powerful and engaging.An other very interested option : with H5, you can track the data of people viewing your campaign. CASES STUDIES To launched one of their product, the health and beauty brand Olay used H5 Wechat and a chinese KOL (Key Leader Opinions), the actor Li Dongxue.In this interactive campaign, the user was able to take a picture with the actor.But Zhinuo created a very good game and users loved it quickly.In addition, they didn’t put the name of the brand in all supports of the game and it was very appreciated by users.You certainly know that wechat is the most popular social media app in China ?Wechat is very appreciated because the app try to adapt its functions to its users. With a big direct competitor : Alipay, the app run by Alibaba, the most use pay app.If you want to create lot of traffic on your Wechat page, H5 Wechat is the key.If you don’t know what is H5 Wechat, it could be hard to use it for your business.But the campaign too because user scan share their score with their friends and it generated a good increase for the product of Olay. For the lauching of their new cars, they did a H5 Wechat campaign.The campaign was a success first because they did a personal animation for each city.

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