Vbulletin dating

- Dont bring baggage if you bring your friends into the relationship or they invade get new friends cause thats a big turn off.- Dont try and get him to do things for you like hack into mailboxes thats also a major turn off.They hang out on BBSs such as Slash Dot, HDC, and Antionline(). If you know a hacker in the RL (real life) and you want to get his attention you might want to do some recon on him before you make contact.

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Remember to not be too much like a friend, be more like a girlfriend.

This is probley one of the hardest parts of the relationship.

I say this because hackers probley have never had a girlfriend and if they have the one(s) that they had ended badly or wasnt a good relationship thats how it is usually turns out.

- Remember its not just for him it you too get him to do things that you like to do just as much as you do the things he likes to do.

- If hes not good at socializing work on that with him.

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