Vb net screen updating false

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So Inbound delivery is created against the PO issued to that vendor with mutually agreed dates of required goods and these dates mention inbound delivery.

The inbound delivery can be created using The initial screen appears to create inbound delivery.

Screen Flicker - EXCEL 2013 Only Just in case MS does something with there forum posts as they often do, here is his proposed work-a-round.thank you Tn Tin MN so it turns out it is actually an Excel 2013 issue...

- still, I have that flickering with excel 2013-W8 and not with excel 2010-W7 since the main sub (and those called by it) has to open all those many workbooks, for reading data inside them, I'm starting to think flickering is due to this.

but with no idea of why should that happen with excel 2013-W8 only.

E.g.: If a PO is issued to vendor where you specify the delivery date of required material, So vendor after view the PO and inform you that due to short of resources unable to delivered the required material the dates mentioned in PO.

So need one week more time to delivered the products.

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