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Is it possible to throw ISPF panels from PL/I programs?Cards Mainframe requirement Urgent Mainframe Vision Plus developer requirement DB2 Certification Guidelines Outrec - move 12 byte data to occupy 13 bytes How to remove trailing spaces in a mainframe file mainframe Spool Handling formatting a numeric field in input file What is the future of 3D priting?Mainframe Service Description needed Mainframe Service Description needed Mainframe Service Description needed EASYTRIEVE ARRAY ISSUE Sequence Number update for the duplicate records Copy through JCL copy vsam file with alternate index IMSDB Clarfication Need a compare logic to compare two files as below mentioned Double Byte Character validation JCL to send email with more than one address in the CC field Migrate PDS member to DB2 structure Migrate PDS member to DB2 structure how to move values in Cobol DFSORT/ICETOOL to identify Parent for a child JCL to calculate age by subtracting 2 dates Mainframe job with CTS, Coimbatore Is this possible using Sort program cobolscript job vacancy- Embedded Engineer and QA/QC for maintanace Guj MOVING THE SIGN DB2 QUERY Job calling cobol running for long time pls give me the answers for the following interview quesions How to get record count while using SUM FIELDS Time Comparison using SORT in JCL Please help me explain the JCL code DB2 data archive sort PSDS TO GDG easytrieve MERGE two records of each one file value of labor Db2 SQL Query Add Numeric Values Using JCL Interview question on cobol Coolgen materials EAB in Coolgen Need help using STORAGE macro in QSAM Alternating recs from multiple input files to one output fil x3270 highlighting strings The Power of Words return code Jcl error S7FD Read only Header and Trailer record from Input File Saying unsuccesful open/close of file OReport Complex display to COMP-3 conversion PUT THE GLASS DOWN TODAY Sending an Email from JCL with attachment Add duplicate count in record detail, BUT do not remove dups Setting a STEP RC On Jobcard for a restart DB2 Catalog query assistance Jobless man - Email Product development / design engineer requirements REDEFINES ONSIZE ERROR MOVE CORR WS-GRP1 TO WS-GRP2 COBOL program read VSAM file Career Guidance To create reports using SORT INVALID FILE NUMBER - Error code 72 while reading KSAM file JCL to merge the records in a single PS file Extract CARRIAGE RETURN/lf issue with FTP Send or Receive Map or Not!make a output file from two input files on certain condition "Merge" two files in a special way how to get sequence number like this?DFSORT - Overlay with multiple files - Help Variable length field from a file using SORT Count the records and print at end.Multiple Conditions to Copy a File JPn, EXEC PARM for ICETOOL but failing on Syntax...Pls help Fetching two different transaction from a single file Split an input file into n output file dynamically Performance Tuning equivalent file-manager command of file-aid command COPYBACK Find and Replace string with current Date removing duplicates from a group bit to 8 different char Strange result in SORT Arithmatic Division Overlaying value at a particular byte using SORT Hexadecimal to decimal conversion - SORT JCL INREC OUTREC Create New trailer with count as per the detail record type DFSORT Sorting a pack decimal field.Substring using Index other than subscript debugging Web Sphere MQ transaction Xpeditor using Cobol with Oracle program How to debug a simple cobol program using xpeditor?About XPEDITER tool How to Increase Watch Window Size while Xpediting a Program Difference between Panvalet and Librarian Job trigger vs dataset trigger CA-7 Need Panvalet Material Simple BTSIN file for test yields U1001 Any Docs/training material on IMS/DC Management Tools (GUI) for CA7 TSO and Sarlog CA-7 standby CA7 question - Avoiding job from showing up as late in CA7 Q Endevor Latin-1 special characters are lost when ftped to mainframe Delete my profile from Mainframe Gurukul What happened? Recruiter: COBOL Developer (20 positions) Need Help on Rexx Queries Rexx/Clist to auto-build IEFBR14 for JCL Getting RC =8 on a VGET ISPF service from REXX ABEND 0047 -818 U1771 abend Abend-aid abend code 2574 how to resolve -904 handling VSAM status code 35 that is VSAM empty Response code: 148,sub code :51 S30A Reason Code 14 User Abend 3057 Can any one let me know how to resolve 100,-803,-811 Help to perform delete for COMP-3 Readind a PDS using rexx Sort to convert PD to numeric Sort on date Regular expression with rexx Sql in rexx Passing symbolic parm values from JCL to REXX DB2 Access with Rexx for CICS How to pass the Input file to JCL Thru REXX Copying a VB record when certain conditions are met error code sb37 Urgent Help needed !!level 88 condition with short alphanumeric literal VALUE changeman admin and installation guide Merge two records based on multiple keys compare vsam file with data from flat file as reference Count number of records in input file Delete a record in jcl cobol jcl query List of fileset attributes List of all files with specific keywords VSAM Key handling to read randomly.SORT for 2 files DFSORT INCLUDE Output file order getting changed REXX DB2: Dynamic allocation of DB2.

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