Updating 2 prong to 3 prong outlets

The simple fact is that this leakage which is zapping you is also going to trip a GFCI, and your device won't work and you'll have to fix it or replace it.So GFCI won't do what you want, it will only provide safety.Many things you buy these days require a third prong for proper protection including dishwashers, computer towers, televisions, and gaming consoles.If you’re in an older house that does not have many, or any, three-pronged outlets you might be tempted to use a grounding adapter or three prong adapter to circumvent this obstacle and still use your devices.It will work, but whether it is safe for you or your electronics is something else to consider.The advantage of cheater plugs is that they allow you to use electrical devices in areas where you normally would not be able to use them.

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They are primarily used to plug appliances and electronics into older two prong receptacles.

Ground fault circuit interrupters help protect against electrocution and are typically required near sources of water such as by the bathroom or kitchen sink.

GFCI outlets indicate abnormal electricity spikes and will shut off the electrical device right at the wall outlet when an issue occurs.

So you really need to search the entire unit for any sockets or deadface sockets with the distinctive "Test" and "Reset" button.

If pushing "test" on this device kills power to the sockets you are worried about, then it is protected.

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