Two separated people dating

Just a few dates that didn't really go anywhere.

I was fully prepared to provide evidence I had filed if asked. In those times, many of the people I met were in the same situation, and maybe I was a bit more empathetic at the time.

I started dating three or four months after separating from my ex; it took seven or eight months to finalize our divorce.

I moved to a different state when we separated, which I think probably helped communicate the finality of the situation - and was also why it took so long to divorce, since I had to wait six months to file (would have taken even longer in my ex's state).

and I find that I tell the guys after a few msgs if I'm getting the vibe I'd like to meet.

It's been met w several guys saying "cool - thanks for letting me know" and we continue on with our next steps -and I've had one guy so far go completely radio silent - every time tho I say something like "hey - this is my sitch - do with it what you want - I'm good either way"Thanks for your reply.

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