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Around two years ago after a pesticide exposure in Florida, my challenges with clothing became insurmountable and I found myself sitting naked in my apartment for a week.I wrapped myself in an old shawl to do laundry outside and was able to get one outfit tolerable enough so that I could attend a week at the Hippocrates Health Institute.What you can’t see is that it is riddled with small holes and is quite thin.

What I have been forced to wear due to my severe intolerance of standard clothing materials.

I spent 5 days drinking vitamin and mineral rich green vegetable juices and eating salad.

The nutritional infusion was enough to boost my health so that I could drive across country to Arizona in search of safe housing.

Lucky for me, by this time I had discovered a procedure for washing my clothes that worked!

It’s laborious and my electric bill is suffering greatly, but I finally have some clothes to wear.

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    Instead, he’s asking to apply – as though for a job – but only if she meets his stringent requirements. that doesn’t mean that it’s a compliment; it reduces a person from an individual to a collection of stereotypes and presumptions based on race, ethnicity and cultural background.

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    With all other factors normalized, an Asian man would have to earn an additional 7,000 to stand on equal footing with his white counterpart and 0,000 to match up with an African-American suitor.

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    “Look, darling,” he said, “I know it’s my birthday tomorrow but I don’t want to do anything special for it.” Liz thought, “I wish I _________CAN_________ cancel the party but I can’t – it’s too late.