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They were responsible for celebrating national events such as heroic actions and victories.(2) The word in modern usage has become a synonym for any poet.Loki arranged matters so that Balder climbs up on a tree (an analogue with the Christian cross), so that the various gods and men can take turns throwing weapons and objects at him, which fling themselves away from their target.Loki then invites the blind Hothir to throw a spear tipped with mistletoe at Balder, which pierces his side and kills the innocent god, grieving the universe.The gods of Aesir have funeral rites for Balder, burning him in a longship.During their lamentation, the father-god Odin sends the messenger-god Hermod to ask the goddess Hel (keeper of the souls of the dead in Niffleheim) to release Balder back to the Aesir.The story of Christ's death and resurrection seemed merely an echo of hundreds of similar myths compiled in James Frazer's . This argument is what finally persuaded Lewis to convert.

This verse pattern was not unknown in Greek verse, but is fairly rare in English verse.

The British landscape is dotted with such archeological sites, and they became an important part of the mythic landscape.

In many Irish, Welsh, and Scottish legends, barrows were the sites of invisible Elvish fortresses or entrances into fairyland.

She agrees to do so, but only if every creature, god, and object in the universe agrees to shed tears for Balder.

Once again, Loki thwarts this through trickery, and Balder remains dead permanently--betrayed by wicked and heartless beings unworthy of him.

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