Teenage dating violence group activities

Submit a request for a Proclamation to your local elected officials.

See our sample proclamation (printer-friendly/pdf). Portions of it can be read aloud on the PA system or during the morning program. School officials can also use it as a template to issue their own proclamation.

When the students enter the classroom, give each person ten red sticker dots and ten green sticker dots (or one red and one green marker).

" Explain that if someone is abusive before there is an emotional bond, often times the victim will quickly end the relationship.

However, once there are strong feelings like love involved, it becomes much harder to walk away. This is a stressful period for both the abuser and the victim, but there is no violence present.

" Some answers may include: sadness, confusion, anger at the abuser, anger at the victim, helplessness. Ask the group to think back to the questions that were posed before watching the clip.

Ask these questions to the group again, giving time to discuss each answer.

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