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The walls were brilliantly colored, and sometimes plated with zinc or gold, as well as with tiles.Painted terra-cotta cones for torches were also embedded in the plaster.Planning is evident in the walls, high temple district, main canal with harbor, and main street.The finer structure of residential and commercial spaces is the reaction of economic forces to the spatial limits imposed by the planned areas resulting in an irregular design with regular features.The walls of Assyrian palaces were lined with sculptured and coloured slabs of stone, instead of being painted as in Chaldea.Three stages may be traced in the art of these bas-reliefs: it is vigorous but simple under Ashurnasirpal II, careful and realistic under Sargon II, and refined but wanting in boldness under Ashurbanipal.At a later epoch, great excellence was attained in the manufacture of such jewellery as earrings and bracelets of gold.

The growth of the city was partly planned and partly organic.

No architectural profession existed in Mesopotamia; however, scribes drafted and managed construction for the government, nobility, or royalty.

The Mesopotamians regarded 'the craft of building' as a divine gift taught to men by the gods as listed in me 28.

The study of ancient Mesopotamian architecture is based on available archaeological evidence, pictorial representation of buildings, and texts on building practices.

According to Archibald Sayce, the primitive pictograms of the Uruk period era suggest that "Stone was scarce, but was already cut into blocks and seals.

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