Stored procedure insert not updating database

To keep the EMPLOYEES tab and the DEPARTMENTS tab open, click the Freeze View pin before selecting the new object.

If you always want new tabs to open, you can set a preference to pin tabs. Update that record by clicking on any of the values and changing it.

The values are inserted into the table in the order they’re specified in the clause.

That means the values must be in the same order as the columns are defined in the table.

NOTE: If you click F5, the detail is shown to the Script Output tab. As before you'll need to commit the changes to save them to the database. As in the above example, you can update data using the SQL Worksheet, using SQL commands, or you can use the data tab in the table definition and update individual rows. Once again you can update rows easily by using the Data tab interface.

As you did in the previous exercise, click on a table in the Connections Navigator. Notice by clicking on a table different from the previous one worked on, the tab is replaced with the new selected table.

It also provides the output clause that solves a number of common problems such as ascertaining the value of identity fields, and other calculated fields in tables, or for auditing the rows that are added to tables. The INSERT statement lets you add one or more rows to a table or view in a SQL Server database.

If you want to use F5 for a single statement then you can select the statement and click F5.

HINT: CTRL Enter will execute the single statement your cursor is on.

You can also include an OUTPUT clause in your INSERT statement to capture the statement’s results for auditing or verification purposes.

In this article, I explain how to use the INSERT statement to add data to SQL Server tables.

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