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If you have an E-commerce website, for example, an Extended Validation option is recommended for the best results.To download, wait for your SSL certificate to be delivered to your email inbox or download it from your account yourself.This article will explain what an SSL certificate is, how it works, how to install one, and more.Put simply, an SSL certificate is a text file with encrypted data that you install on your server.The process is called an ‘SSL handshake,’ but this handshake cannot be seen by the user and happens within a few seconds.What you can see as a user is a green padlock in the URL address bar of your browser which signifies secure data transfer.It holds the following information: – without an HTTPS connection, the computer in between you and the server will be able to see sensitive information, like credit card numbers and passwords.With an SSL, this information is unreadable except to the server the data is being sent to.

Bear in mind you will need full access and control of your web server for this to go as smoothly as possible.

You boost your business credibility on top of this.

– There are numerous reasons supporting the fact that this is important, but perhaps the most critical one is ‘because Google said so.’ Nobody wants to experience a drop in search rankings in Google or a negative impact on their business or online reputation. Establishing SSL can vary depending on your browser and other factors.

The three keys mentioned above work together to establish an encrypted connection.

The certificate also contains what is called the “subject,” which is the identity of the website owner.

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