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Narrow gauge railway extends from Marin County to Valley Ford, Freestone, Occidental, Monte Rio, Duncan's Mills, terminating in Cazadero.

Brown's Canyon Bridge, later a trestle, is tallest west of Mississippi.

Traverso and Arrigoni families start as clerks in his store. Hotchkiss, a majorsupporter of the building of the Golden Gate Bridge, is father of tennis star Hazel Hotchkiss Wightman.

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South county becomes major Yiddish cultural center.

California Natives of Pomo-speaking groups occupy Kalé near the Healdsburg Plaza at the confluence of the Russian River (Ashokawna) and Dry Creek (Mihilakawna), and many outlying villages along both waterways.

Bartolome Ferrelo assumes command of two-ship Portuguese expedition after the death of Juan Rodriguez de Cabrillo, sails north near Cape Mendocino, then follows California coast south to Navidad, Mexico.

Solomon Schocker and Agostino Pinelli are pioneers.

Santa Rosa becomes major shipping center, moving livestock, fruit, hops and paving rocks from local quarries.

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