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The Battery is the boundary point between Morecambe & Heysham which were separate local authorities until 1928 when Heysham Urban District and Morecambe Borough Councils merged, the Morecambe & Heysham Corporation bus depot which was a couple of hundred yards south of The Battery was therefore in Heysham.

Morecambe were still running over 20 AEC Regent IIIs when they became part of the enlarged Lancaster fleet.

When I say Battery ‘is’ I may mean ‘was’, when I researched this posting ‘Battery’ the place appears on Google maps along with the a little bed denoting ‘The Battery Hotel’ I am presuming that ‘The Battery ‘was an old military building.

But on Google earth there is no mention of ‘Battery’ and all I can see is a car park I presume it is the map that is out of date.

Nothing really to do with buses but the mention of Bare reminds me that in the 1950s my grandparents and I always visited Morecambe for the Illuminations.

We always came on a Yorkshire Woollen excursion and the coach always stopped for a refreshment stop at Ye Old Naked man at Settle.

In an attempt to make some kind of sense of them all, I've listed them on this one page, in alphabetical order.

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Part of Lancaster’s municipal depot is now converted into upmarket apartments called The Old Bus Depot!Thanks to everyone who has helped out by either sending their own photos over to include here, or who have helped identify some of the vehicles shown in the photos.Vehicles that I've not been able to identify usually end up on the Mystery Cars photo page, until they are identified.I believe that before Morecambe was developed as a holiday resort and expanded accordingly there was a firing range on the sands between Morecambe & Heysham with the Battery Hotel taking its name from an artillery battery which had been sited nearby.The bus park across the road took its name from the pub, which still gives its name to a timing point on the local bus network although a medical centre/pharmacy now stands on the site of the Battery Bus Park.Southdown certainly had some Short-bodied TDs of this type, one of which I believe still survives.As youngster I travelled on these buses regularly in the 1950’s.Does the place ‘Battery’ still exist or is it now just a car park if you know please leave a comment. The Battery referred to on Morecambe buses was actually a bus park across the road from the pub it was also adjacent to the Morecambe depot.A recent visit to Morecambe revealed that the site is now a Drs surgery and retail pharmacy Stagecoach run the local services in the town.This shot shows off very well the half drop windows which I should imagine were just the thing on a hot summers day whilst tootling up Morecambe promenade.Morecambe Corporation buses did not have route numbers just the destination and this bus is destined for ‘Battery which is more or less the centre point of the Morecambe promenade between Heysham harbour to the south and Morecambe golf club to the north.

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