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Write the relation between resistance, potential difference and current.

(b) When a 12 V battery is connected across an unknown resistor, there is a current of 2.5 m A in the circuit.

(a) Cell or battery helps to maintain potential difference across a conductor. Calculate the amount of electric charge that flows through the circuit. What is the current flowing through the conductor ?

(a) The resistance of an ammeter should be very small so that it may not change the value of the current flowing in the circuit. (c) Which instrument is used to measure electric current ? (d) What is the conventional direction of the flow of electric current ? (c) An ammeter is used to measure electric current. (d) Conventional direction of flow of electric current is from positive terminal of a battery to the negative terminal, through the outer circuit.

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(a) Name a device which helps to maintain potential difference across a conductor (say, a bulb). (a) Write down the formula which relates electric charge, time and electric current.

If a potential difference of 10 V causes a current of 2 A to flow for 1 minute, how much energy is transferred ? (b) A radio set draws a current of 0.36 A for 15 minutes. (b) One coulomb of charge flows through any cross-section of a conductor in 1 second.

x charge moved = 2 x 1 Work done = 2 joules (ii) Given: p.d. These free electrons result in conduction of electricity.Keeping the potential difference constant, the resistance of a circuit is doubled. (a) Electricians wear rubber hand gloves while working with electricity because rubber is an insulator and protects them from electric shocks.(b) I=6amp, R=40ohm We know that V=IR V = 6 x 40 = 240 V.(ii) Following graph was plotted between V and I values : What would be the values of ratios when the potential difference is 0.8 V, 1.2 V and 1.6 V respectively ? (b) The values of potential difference V applied across a resistor and the corresponding values of current I flowing in the resistor are given below : (c) Name the law which is illustrated by the above V-I graph.(d) Write down the formula which states the relation between potential difference, current and resistance, (e) The potential difference between the terminals of an electric iron is 240 V and the current is 5.0 A. (a) The ratio of potential difference and current is known as resistance.(b) The resistance of a voltmeter should be very large so that it takes a negligible current from the current. Draw the labelled diagram of an electric circuit comprising of a cell, a resistor, an ammeter, a voltmeter and a closed switch (or closed plug key). How many joules of electrical energy are changed into heat and light when : (a) a charge of 1 C passes through it ? How does it differ from the direction of flow of electrons ? (a) Electric current is the flow of electric charges (electrons) in a conductor such as a metal wire. The direction of flow of electrons is opposite to the direction of conventional current, i.e. A student made an electric circuit shown here to measure the current through two lamps. (b) The student has made a mistake in this circuit. (c) Draw a circuit diagram to show the correct way to connect the circuit. An electric heater is connected to the 230 V mains supply. (a) How much charge flows around the circuit each second ?Which of the two has a large resistance : an ammeter or a voltmeter ? (e) A flash of lightning carries 10 C of charge which flows for 0.01 s. (b) How much energy is transferred to the heater each second ?Calculate the value of the resistance of the resistor.(a) The property of a conductor due to which it opposes the flow of current through it is called resistance of the conductor. (b) V = 12volt, I=2.5 x 10-3 A We know that V=IR R=V/I R=12/(2.5X10-3) R=4.8X103ohm = 4800 ohm.(a) What do you understand by the term “potential difference” ?(b) What is meant by saying that the potential difference between two points is 1 volt ?

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