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Licensing limits sex workers’ choices over our working environment and style of work, by providing incentives and punishments to effectively coerce sex workers into Government-approved work.

Licensing means reduced options for sex workers and reduced control over working environments and safety.

This means the place you work from has requirements outlined in the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and requires a planning permit issued by the Council for it to be a licenced brothel.

Councils primarily monitor compliance with planning requirements.

Once you have this permission you need to apply for a planning permit from the Planning Department of your local Council.

Planning permits applications are often rejected at this level.

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Unless your own client has just used it, you are not required to clean or disinfect a bath or shower in a brothel.You have the right to refuse to see a client if you think the situation is unsafe or you think the client may be violent.You can’t be fined or punished in any way for refusing a client according to the law under Sex Work Regulations 2006.If Council rejects the application you can appeal the decision at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal.(often requires legal support for this process) If you get a planning permit you register your name, date of birth, address, business name and address with the BLA as an exempt prostitution service provider.According to law you should never have to pay a bond or a fine in a legal brothel.[3] An "exempt sex work service provider" can operate a brothel with up to one other person working in the brothel, apart from themselves. You do, however, need a permit to operate a brothel granted under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.You can have one other sex worker working with you as an exempt provider but their details must also be registered with the BLA. The BLA will also want your planning permit number, the name and address of the owner of the building and the letter of approval from the owner. Sex workers fairly commonly report receiving their SWA about a week after completing registration (this is no guarantee and only based on anecdotal experience).According to BLA and the laws that govern the BLA: the details you register are not available to the public and it is possible to ask for your details to be taken off the register at your request.To find a place you often have to disclose the nature of the proposed business to real estate agents.You must tell the owner that you will be setting up a small owner operated brothel and you will need their written approval to use the building as a brothel.

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