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(Don’t judge me, you can tell a lot about a guy by taking him to the range see number 4 below).This time, I was cool, calm, collected, (cute, of course! Once I figured out sight alignment, I was right on target, literally!In fact, having a great photo can put you way ahead of the competition and seeing as between 30% and 60% of single people are now using internet dating sites, your need to do all you can to make your profile stand out from the crowd.So everybody lies on their online profile, don’t they?• For men, the best strategy is not looking directly at the camera and don’t leer, grin or wink.• Don’t wear a hat – it will cast shade across your face and hide your hair, one of the features that viewers are most interested in seeing. • Usually your online dating portrait will be a simple head and shoulders shot, but if you are able to add more pictures, there are some sure-fire winners and losers – pictures that show you doing something interesting, holding an animal or in an interesting place are all conversation starters.After all, when you see that photo of Brad Pitt looking for love or Keira Knightly wanting fun and good times, you know that someone isn’t being entirely honest about the way they look.However, research has actually shown that most online singles are fairly timid when it comes to stretching the truth – claiming to be just a few pounds lighter than they really are, perhaps a couple of inches taller…

It might have been beginner’s luck, but this time, my Georgian Southern Gent left the range calling me a regular Annie Oakley.I had never even seen a pistol, much less fired one. I picked up the gun, slowly fired, and fifteen rounds later; this Princess of Firepower was done.As soon as we walked in the range storefront, I was jumping like hot popcorn kernels. I told him I was ready to go, he emptied the last magazine and we left.• Choose a photograph in which you’re in the foreground; a distant shot, cropped to fit, will lose definition and focus.• If you’re taking a photograph for your online dating picture, pay particular attention to the lighting. • Choose a photo in which you look happy, relaxed and most like yourself.Research shows that profiles accompanied by a picture are five times more likely to get a response.If your picture looks good, your response rate could go ballistic!Headshot London has a wide experience of shooting online dating photos that are natural, relaxed and engaging.Get in touch to take your first step towards online dating success.At its best, online dating can be a fantastic way to meet potential partners, so it pays to give yourself the advantage that the right picture offers.If you follow the guidelines above and find that they rule out most of your existing photos, you should probably consider using the services of a professional photographer.

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