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One of those old compositions called STARA LIPA UVELA (There Stood Once the Tree We Knew) became an “evergreen” and can still be heard in villages and towns across Serbia.Besides, from that year on, one of his dance begins to be included in the repertoire of several dance groups of former Yugoslavia, who touring the world and performing Yugoslav folk dances, including some of his, gathered highest international acclaim.2” wins him a second prize and so does in 1969 at the Belgrade’s Country Music Awards, “LJUBICICEVO KOLO no. In 1971 at the Bosnia’s Ilidza Country Music Festival, Ljubicic wins the first prize for his LJUBICICEVO KOLO no.7 a Serbian dance that is still today being played and heard in the country.Even though being a member of ASCAP, SGA, SCL and other professional organizations, he attends UCLA in order to acquire the additional experience by meeting the most accomplished people in the music industry.

The work exhumes the importance of the simple things in life that the composer learned as a boy who grew up in a small town in eastern Yugoslavia the Serbia’s town of Cacak that is surrounded by picturesque farms and villages that continuously echo the singing and dancing of its proud people.Thus, already as a three year old child Ljubicic learns how to play the accordion, and a year later, how to play the piano.Most importantly, fully encouraged and supported by his loving but frail mother Marica, Ljubicic also develops an early love and devotion to music, an early dream to one day become a composer Consequently, at the age of sixteen, he already plays at school dances and, of course, continues to compose dances and songs, always expressing in them the spirit of Serbia’s countryside — its folklore and its people.So already at this age, he writes a Serbian dance, that years later, in 1966, wins him the second prize at the leading Yugoslav Festival of Folk Music held in the city of Ilidza, Bosnia.Determined to devote his life to music, Savatije Ljubicic decides in 1948, at the age of seventeen, to move to Belgrade and in that capital City of former Yugoslavia further his music education at the music school “Stankovic” . Among many compositions (various genres) that he writes while attending this school, is the FANTASY FOR PIANO IN DIS MAJOR a composition that impresses Peter Bingulac, one of the professors on the evaluating committee, that much that he predicts Ljubicic a great music career.Years later while writing various film themes and songs in the pop, country, pop, Latin and smooth jazz genres and inspired by talented pianists of the world, besides the already existing orchestral arrangement of the YUGOSLAV RHAPSODY, Ljubicic completes the piano arrangement of the same RHAPSODY as well.Most importantly, in 1985 for his continuous contribution and work as a composer in his native country as well as abroad, in Belgrade Savatije Ljubicic is awarded the highest award given each year by the Society of Serbia’s Composers - THE COMPOSER OF THE YEAR 1985 AWARD.That same year, KNJAZEVAC Serbia’s largest publisher of sheet music, publishes a music book of 10 Savatije Ujubicic’s most recognized Serbian dances.However, this is also the year when Savatije Ljubicic wanting to broaden his musical vision of the world moves to Los Angeles.Expressing musically his love of and longing for Belgrade the capitol of former Yugoslavia, Savatije Ljubicic is in 1986 given another renowned award.His song GRADE BEOGRADE (Belgrade, Oh Belgrade) wins him the second price at the Belgrade’s Spring Song Festival.

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