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Another fishbowl is Darling 2, which is good but not as great as number 1.

Guys who have visited the Special Administrative Region of Macau at some point or even read the reviews I’ve done of Macau saunas on this website will have no trouble understanding why the place is often referred to as a male paradise.

Just make sure there is a little chemistry and try to be discreet about it. There are a few straight forward point and poke places like this around Macau.

Perhaps the well known or most accessible to short-time foreign visitors would be Hou Va, where a short romp with one of the women on staff goes for a lot less than it does at sauna or even a place like Darling 1.

Those who have not had the pleasure of checking out the scene may not.

Sometimes I think it may not be worth my time to share the information I have since there’s already so much floating around on the internet.

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