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"It prohibits a lot of stuff that people do in the summer.It would criminalize such activities as, I don't know, a church group doing some sort of car wash.

"Most of them come on the way to work," says Fleetwood, a thin man with a grizzly beard and nonstop patter. But even residents eager to see their streets cleaned up wonder whether Zone's law will pass constitutional muster.

Prior to his arrival at Lee, Smith served as the supervisor of middle grades and grants for the Cleveland City School System and as principal of Cleveland Middle School for eighteen years.

Smith has served in numerous professional organizations and on state education committees, and he currently serves as the South Regional Trustee for the National Middle School Association and as a board member of the Tennessee Association of Middle Schools.

Birds are chirping, children are pedaling their bikes, and Fleetwood the pimp is macking. To feed her crack habit, Babydoll has been selling her body for going on two years.

That's my girl," he says, pointing to a frumpy 19-year-old who calls herself Babydoll.

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    Mixing speak-easy jazz, funky bass lines, horns and the smoky, soulful voice of Toledo, the standing-room- only crowds don't know whether to dance or just watch for fear of missing something.