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33–47) Alex Woolf Reading the Roman House: The Social Interpretation of Spatial Order (pp. Richardson Thinking the Unthinkable: Human Sacrifice in Roman Britain? 131–140) Carol van Driel-Murray Soranus and the Pompeii Speculum: The Sociology of Gynaecology and Roman Perceptions of the Female Body (pp.48–74) Mark Grahame Theories of Circulation in Roman Houses (pp. Ellis Greek Households under Roman Hegemony: The Archaeological Evidence (pp. Hutcheson Abandonment, Rubbish Disposal and ‘Special’ Deposits at Newstead (pp. Clarke Economy and Ritual: The Use of Animal bone in the Interpretation of the Iron Age to Roman Cultural Transition (pp. 141–150) Patricia Baker The Dispersed Dead: Preliminary Observations on Burial and Settlement in Rural Roman Britain (pp.103–114) Sarah Scott The Hoarding, Deposition and Use of Pewter in Roman Britain (pp.115–132) Rob Poulton & Eleanor Scott Roman–Period Activity at Prehistoric Ritual Monuments in Britain and in the Armorican Peninsula (pp.148–157) Jason Monaghan Theory, Practice, and Research in an Urban Unit: A Personal Perspective (pp. Jones Women and Gender Relations in the Roman Empire (pp. Glasgow: Cruithne Press (1999) Edited by Alan Leslie Front Matter (pp. 121–130) Anna Leone And Did Those Feet in Ancient Time…i–iii) Alchemy of Suffering: Hope and Faith Beyond the Healing Art in Roman Britain (pp. Ferris Britannus/Britto: Roman Ethnographies, Native Identities, Labels, and Folk Devils (pp. Matthews Adventus, Patrocinium, and the Urban Landscape in Late Roman Britain (pp. Feet and Shoes as a Material Projection of the Self (pp.57–64) Christopher Smith Lighting in Late Roman Houses (pp. Freeman Beyond ‘Romanization’: Technologies of Power in Roman Britain (pp. Forcey The Enemy Without, The Enemy Within: More Thoughts on Images of Barbarians in Greek and Roman Art (pp. Ferris Post Processual Economics: The Role of African Red Slip Ware Vessel Volume in Mediterranean Demography (pp. 1–11) David Clarke & Fraser Hunter Representing Londinium: The Influence of Colonial and Post-Colonial Discourses (pp.

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45–56) Raphael Isserlin Ritual and Archaeology in Early Latium (pp. i–vi) Representing the Romans in the Museum of Scotland (pp.

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141–147) Pete Rush Roman Pottery Research for the 1990s (pp. Isserlin Elite Settlements in the Roman and Sub-Roman Period (pp. Petts Negotiating Nuraghi: Settlement and the Construction of Ethnicity in Roman Sardinia (pp. Blake Immaterial Culture: Invisible Peasants and Consumer Subcultures in North-West Britannia (pp. 96–107) Howard Williams Quoit Brooches and the Roman-Medieval Transition (pp. Revised Perceptions of Urban Transformation in Late Antiquity (pp.

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