Scammer dating list

He should have thought of that when he was lying and begging. After texting with him off Words With Friends, he was so in love with me, but always needing confirmation that I would never let him down no matter what. Yep, within 3 weeks he was in big trouble and in jeopardy of losing his contract if he didn't come up with ,000. He said he was embarrassed and never been in this situation before.

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Played along and he thinks I'm a rich widow and sent photos of my villa lol I wish. Then it was a cell phone for his daughters birthday. Started talking sweet talk and then said he had a call from his son’s guardian and he is seriously ill and needs 0 before they can treat him. After playing him in Words With Friends, I see activity on my email account from various locations across the globe, like Vietnam, Taiwan, Russia, etc.So far he has been nice but just a little too anxious to move to hangouts. Over the last month I have had about 4 men start games with me on WWF. They were all older with grey hair and beards, all lived in the Southern US, all were widowers, and all had children abroad in boarding school. I told him I would rather not and didn't hear from him for a few days. Now I am heartless and selfish because I would not help him on his time of need. Was asked for 0 US to pay pre surgery cost as Maxi was in an accident in Belize. I did give out an email address and received numerous nice photos of his life and daughter. Beware this guy whoever he is is good and convincing His user name is Belljully12. I told him the sad thing is that people actually fall for this !I found the real Steve Hopper on Facebook and have told him about this identity fraud. It has become such a pattern that I can almost tell right away when one of these scammers starts a game with me. Came back trying to play on my sympathy of how he did't have any family close and wished he had a family like mine. You think they would be smart enough to change their story by now. Usual story widow, one daughter in boarding school. Contacted by a so called Doctor off his phone accessed by his finger print as he is in a coma. I was obviously close to him and need to help him get crucial surgery. I finally had a guy actually ask me to send money for a machine that he needs to fix a valve that's not working correctly on a rig. @#$, and I called him a scammer and he quit messaging me. The latest was 1 day (now I’m finally spotting them earlier) of chatting with widowed guy with 2 kids. Since I found out what's going on, I'm having fun playing along! He finally responded "my goodness - I'm in the Army! when I broke the news to him that the patch on the photo of the Soldier's photo he was using stood for airborne division of the Army he just disappeared! When he finally believed me that I was in debt, he stopped texting.Then needed ITunes card and I told him I was out of money.I Knew he was a scammer and was playing WORDS with other women, which he denied. I Told him he didn't tell me what to do and I didn't owe him anything. I played along with his lies to see what he would say. Now, you’re probably wondering what’s wrong with me that I didn’t catch on earlier and block these jerks right away? old daughter, had feelings for me soon after we started talking. I sent 1 I tunes card, and my kids intervened, Thank God! Wants to get to know me better and asked if I have Hangouts !!!! Poor grammar, same job, called me same name as Jerome did "Pretty." That was the end of that. They are smooth talkers, and if you are lonely and vulnerable, they will get to you. Same old story, wife died of breast cancer, one beautiful daughter and looked at my profile pic and immediately fell in love with me 🤣🤣🤣.The first thing they ask is "are you married with kids? When I say "yes" they all asked "do you live with your spouse? It's almost like it's the same's the same questions and the same story. None of them have asked for money or favors but I blocked them pretty quickly. on a secret mission in Syria to secure the health of U. Then he says his boss told him to get my g-mail address because wwf was not secure and could i send him i-tunes for a phone. He even showed me a pic of this beautiful little girl claiming that was his youngest daughter. In his profile pic he's wearing a red tie, glasses, standing up holding a glass of wine - nice looking guy. Well the curse that Paul Mark Hawkins put on me didn't work!!!!!!I have not reported any of these scammers because I doubt anything can or will be done about it. I chased him until he finally answered the phone and told me to leave him alone because he needed peace.

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