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Some other Grid Views reserved key words and their default associated events are as follow : “Cancel” – Raises the Row Canceling Edit event.“Delete” – Raises the Row Deleting and Row Deleted events. “Page” – Raises the Page Index Changing and Page Index Changed events.Then in the code behind I have handled the On Row Command event.In the event handler function I have checked for the Command Name property and write necessary code for each of the actions.As you drop the Ole Db Data Adapter component to the form, the data adapter configuration wizard pops up.

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It allows a user to determine whether a fill operation should continue.

For example, Fill Error could occur when you can't convert data from data from a database to Common Language Runtime (CLR) type without losing precision or when data type casting is not valid.

Fill Error Event Handler handles the Fill Error event.

After that I changed the button's name property to Data Adapter Events Test Btn and wrote a button-click event handler by double-clicking on the button control.

Next, I added a data adapter control to the form by dragging the Ole Bbd Ataadapter component from the toolbox's data tab to the form.

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