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He was "unreliable and unruly," says John Buntin in his 2010 nonfiction work ), who met Otash several times before his death. I got what I could, and he died." Otash is a recurrent figure in Ellroy's work and the subject of his recent e-book , in which a fictionalized version of the detective looks back on his life from "Pervert Purgatory" and describes himself as a "rogue cop, private eye, shakedown artist. Here, the truth is far more entertaining than fiction." In an attempt to counter Ellroy's view (and perhaps anticipate an even more negative portrayal in a pilot about the private eye that Ellroy is developing for FX), Colleen and Westphal recently allowed this reporter access to several of the files and an unpublished book Otash wrote about Marilyn Monroe in which he claims he overheard Monroe having sex with JFK. We wired up her phone because it started looking stupid with a suction cup." Otash listened in on Marilyn having sex with Kennedy when he was watching Lawford's house in Malibu, allegedly while working for Howard Hughes, who was seeking general information with which to discredit the Democrats.

"He did a lot of bad things [including] revealing secret details, mostly sexual in nature, about the lives of celebrated people, causing them to endure personal shame, emotional hardship, financial privation -- and doing this for a living. He was always talking about bugging [JFK brother-in-law] Peter Lawford's beach pad and getting the goods on Kennedy. PHOTOS: The Lost Marilyn Monroe Images Among the highlights: "Marilyn wanted a mini-phone listening device," Otash claims in the notes, adding that he spied on her even while she was paying him to install recording equipment so that she could tape her own phone calls. "When the original Lawford house was wired, Monroe was not part of the plan," Otash says in the files.

I wasn't sure if she was using narcotics or boozing it up.

He told her: "Narcotics and alcohol are the best evidence he [Luft] could ever produce in court.It's stupid to sit here and deny that these things are true. Yes, I did hear a tape of Jack Kennedy f--ing Monroe.But I don't want to get into the moans and groans of their relationship.Believe me." STORY: Judy Garland’s ' Wizard of Oz' Dress Fetches 0,000 at Auction The detective also might have been involved in one of the most celebrated murders of the era, that of mobster Johnny Stompanato, though he gave various accounts of precisely how.Documents in the files indicate that Giesler (who represented movie star Lana Turner) called Otash and asked him to come to the actress' house the night of the gangster's death.They were having a sexual relationship -- period." STORY: Cannes: Worldview Options Andrew Dominik's Marilyn Monroe Pic ' Blond' One of the files also centers on Judy Garland, who hired Otash to protect her after she split from her third husband, Sid Luft, in 1963.The actress even got him to move into her Holmby Hills home, where he befriended daughter Liza Minnelli and found a hidden stash of pills.On January 21, 1958, Rock Hudson's wife confronted him, demanding to know if he was gay and grilling the actor about a Rorschach test he had taken."You told me you saw thousands of butterflies and also snakes," she said "[A therapist] told me in my analysis that butterflies mean femininity and snakes represent that male penis.He once said: "I'll work for anybody but communists.I'll do anything short of murder." Using a gun strapped to his calf and a specially designed truck loaded with surveillance equipment, Otash was hardly modest about his achievements. The man with all the sicko secrets you irksome earthlings want to hear." [pagebreak] In , Otash gloats about his misdeeds and also about having an affair with a transsexual communist named Miss Bonvillain -- which Ellroy says should be interpreted as a joke. "I was stunned," she says of the novella, admitting she never finished it and wondered, " ' What can we do to stop him from taking my father's life and turning it into just a horrible fictional depiction? I was very aggrieved." Adds Westphal, "Real-life franchise characters like Otash come along once in a lifetime, and Colleen and I are committed to setting the record straight. Later on, she wanted a sophisticated system put in her house.

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