Reema kagti and zoya akhtar dating

Women can most certainly live happy lives with or without a significant other. To this day, she has not had a boyfriend, and yet she is perfectly content, as is my other sister who has had several, and is doing no worse for not currently being in a relationship.

Multi-talented and dynamic, these words epitomize Farhan Akhtar more than any other Bollywood celebrity.

Farhan Akhtar is a name which had contributed to the changing Indian cinema with his debut flick 'Dil Chahta Hai'.

Farhan has given an all-round performance with directing, screenwriting, producing, acting, singing, lyrics writing, anchoring on TV and producing in movies.

The movie went to get a National Award for Best feature film in Hindi for 2002.

is that Kajol is a stand in for Karan/a shy young gay man and it is the SRKajol romance that codes as queer (best friend yaar). Although they are just friends, not a couple (although my fanfic suggests more! But Ayan, unfortunately, seems to have some kind of something with Ranbir Kapoor right now (unrequited crush, I am guessing).

But there is a strong contingent which sees the Kajol-Rani situation as a butch-femme kind of thing. So that’s not happening (again, unless you read my fanfic) (So cute together!

At the time of Bombay Riots, Akhtar entangled in some controversy as he was perceived as a Muslim.

Later he was freed as innocent for his liberal background and noninvolvement in any religion.

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