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Whatever the reason there seems to be a driving need to seek out and capture the perfect childhood, which was denied to them as children, through ageplay.

In the adult role, it appears to be the need to have the perfect parenting or other role that was not available for a number of reasons.

We don't to involve real children, just emulate them for reasons that I hope will become clearer later in this discussion. Some common ones are Mommy, Daddy, Aunt, Uncle, Teacher, Nanny, Principal, Coach, Nurse, Doctor, etc.

The key is that it must be an adult role, where there is some inherent control over the child.

Whether it’s the teacher and student scenario, the doctor and nurse dream, powerful boss and his willing sexy secretary or something even wilder, it can be difficult to find someone who’s open-minded enough to join in the sex talk and make the roleplay come to life. APC is dripping with dirty girls who like to think outside the box.In choosing that title, I know I am kind of misleading you, since basically I am only going to discuss one myth and I recognize that what is truth for one is not necessarily the same as the truth for another.I don't pretend to know everything there is about ageplay nor do I even view myself as an expert.Here the ageplayer has the "raw" inner child out in full and is very vulnerable.The adult figure here must be very careful that he/she does not cross the line and bring back bad memories from the child's past.There is absolutely no tolerance for pedophiles in the ageplay community as in a similar vain there is no tolerance for abuse in the BDSM community.Don't mistake an ageplayers interest in child like things, games, clothes, shoes, colouring, etc for interest in real children.For some, ageplay is a fetish or the sexual attraction to an object or activity.Objects could be diapers, school girl clothes, cheerleader outfits, etc. Being reduced to a big baby, a little boy or girl (includes both males and females) or a "sissy".For many, this entails a cathartic (purifying the emotions or relieving of emotional tensions) effect.The idea is to heal the emotional/mental scars from past r/l incestuous/abusive relationships through role play not to reinforce the bad times. For some that was because of abuse (physical, emotional, mental) and for others, because of circumstances they had to grown up too quickly and never really had a childhood.

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