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Which is ridiculous because plus-sized women can wear any trend.

I think it goes without saying that none of the aforementioned people made it to the second date.

Compliments like these aren’t really compliments; they’re thinly veiled insults that are designed to make you feel bad about a body you’re apparently supposed to dislike.

Maybe it’s just my personal experience, which it very well could be, but the number of times my dates have been less than honest about their appearance is staggering when compared to the experiences of my slimmer friends.

But if you order a hamburger then you’re a “fat chick” who should be ordering a salad.

There’s a stigma that comes with being plus-size and eating out in public that’s frustrating, and often humiliating.

There seems to be this idea in North American culture that if you’re plus-size then it’s impossible for you to have standards.

The (faulty) logic is that if you really had them, then you wouldn’t be overweight in the first place because your standards for your own body would be different.

I start each date with a positive attitude and a hopeful outlook, but the more I date, the more disappointed I become.As much as I hate to admit it, dating has helped kill the hopeless romantic in me.While I’ve always been a bit cynical about the idea of true love (which has played a role in my decision to never get married), dating while plus-size has left me loving the single life.I remember this one date where I ordered a dessert after a particularly large main course, and my date said “You can really pack it away, can’t you?” It was horrible, and made me feel ashamed of myself. I’m bad at everything from the awkward conversations with people I don’t know, to mingling uncomfortably with strangers at parties.It’s not that I’m an introvert or anti-social (alright, fine, I’m anti-social), it’s just that over the years I’ve found that dating, as a plus-sized woman, is more of an exercise in patience and frustration than it is one in romance.I once had a guy who claimed to be my age, but when we met face to face he looked like he was old enough to have fathered a child my age, if not older. For a lot of plus-sized individuals, myself included, there’s this unspoken anxiety that comes when ordering food.I suspect it’s because these types of people assume that, as a plus-sized woman, I must be so desperate for love that it’s OK for them to lie about their looks. For example, if you order a salad then you might think everyone’s judging you for being that “fat chick” who’s trying to lose weight.While that makes absolutely no sense to those of us with a brain, it seems that this can be a hard concept for some people to understand.Just because I’m plus-size doesn’t mean I set the bar low.

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