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They already know "Mummy's car is blue and Daddy's car is red". Stories of women being marginalised when getting into sports (and other things) are rife too. Is this a case of identical brains been given two different treatments over a lifetime and ending up with the behaviours we see?

I am sure every woman has a story of how she's been told she shouldn't be doing [insert manly activity]. Men get paid more, go to prison more, race motorbikes more and women are more concerned with their appearance, take caring and teaching jobs more and spend more time with their own kids. Is at least some of it a case of those brains being slightly different to start off with, reflecting somehow the different physical biological roles men and women will later play in life to propagate the species?

Conditioning (and/or/not/via) biology is one of those things that is really hard to know.If there are then we can safely say that 100% of the differences we see in these gaps today is caused by that conditioning and 0% caused by biology. Or rather we can not reject the hypothesis that the biological component of this difference is 0.I think it's reasonable to believe it's greater than zero.Sometimes I'm just too tired to run after being up all night.Sometimes I don't run if I think I need to be at 100% for the kids. Every hour spent on facebook is a missed opportunity to go and jog.Default includes LW, EA, and SSC meetups, but there’s an option to limit it to SSC meetups only.If you’re a meetup organizer, please get on there and make sure your meetup is listed.The "what to do when I feel sleepy or have a sore leg or am thirsty" doesn't cross my mind anymore.Now it's "how am I going to feel 12 hours in when I'm sore and sleepy and all I can think about is putting the kids to bed?I’m going to be transferring the meetup tab of the blog to point there in a few days unless people disagree for some reason. Comment quality this week was generally embarrassing.So in lieu of a Comment of the Week, read lunaranus’ summary of Civilization and Capitalism on the subreddit.

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