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Shortly after this happened we also started to see timeouts on all our performance counter sensors against completely different machines.The error for these sensors were "The wait operation timed out (Performance Counter error 0x102)". All of the "Perf Counter Custom sensor" PX1, PX2, PY1, PY2 etc. I went to the machines X, Y, Z etc and verified that there were no problems.Several devices affected I have already checked requirements for performace counters: PRTG probe running on Windows 2008.Remote registry service running on both PRTG probe and target computer Both machines are members of the same domain I have checked credentials used for windows systems.

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Moreover it's possible to monitor it from another machine. Please try if any of the tips in our "Performance Counter Troubleshooting Guide" in our KB do help: My Windows sensors do not work when using direct Performance Counter access. Also, please do not hesitate to add any comments to this article, should you find anything helpful for you as well, that's not yet mentioned! Hi, That article exactly I've been using to troubleshoot my issue. At the moment it's not possible to reboot PRTG host as it monitor a lot of other devices. We've experienced some similar problems, and i think it could be be a bug in the remote probe part of your software.If you are using a workgroup, your collector will need to be running under a user that has Local Administrative rights on the remote workgroup host that you are attempting to monitor., you may need to define and properties to access Perfmon data.If and properties are defined on your device, they will be used over any WMI username and password properties defined for collecting Perfmon data.This caused the WMI sensors to start timing out (for good reason) and this is exactly what we wanted to see because it revealed the problem.So in our error scenario for the sake of argument lets say sensors WB1 & WB2 go into a state of timeout (i believe the exact error was "Message was cancelled by the message filter", i was able to get the same error doing WMI queries against machine B from powershell).If you see gaps of No Data for these Data Sources in particular, but the rest of your data collection (CPU, Disk, Memory, Ping, DNS metrics) is stable, then it is likely there is an issue with Perfmon on the monitored device.Because Perfmon accesses performance counters from remote hosts, it is necessary that your collector services have Local Administrative privileges to access counters on your remote host if you are using a domain.I use pure performance counter, for instance "Perf Counter IIS Application Pool BETA" or "Perf Counter Custom". I've seen the scenario i'm about to describe unfold twice now with exactly the same symptoms.Part of our setup is a lot of WMI queries against a series of our windows servers. denoting W (WMI sensor), A (machine A), 1 (sensor number 1).The most common symptoms seen when troubleshooting Perfmon instability are issues where Perfmon is having difficulty initiating a connection to a remote host.This must succeed between the collector and host in order for the Logic Monitor After Data Source instances have been added to the host, Perfmon connectivity must continue to function in order for data collection to operate in a stable manner.

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