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Without mentioning anything, at the very start, she told me that I will be doing very well financially in the coming years and money will not be problem.Well now my contract is being extended beyond the original agreement.In October 2013, you said I would have an independent job and travel of some type. - University Admissions Counselor, Atlanta, GA I had a reading that has proven so incredibly accurate, my hands are shaking as I write this. - Insurance Broker, Atlanta, GA "I went to "talk" to Cathy.You said in month five all would be better, Well in five months, I have an independent job, and I work in 48 states over the year. I can't thank you enough for the insight you provided and the peace of mind your reading has given me. I had recently been awarded my first significant contract as a consultant, my first.We'll also explore ways of working with the tarot and astrology to develop psychic ability and understand how each member of the class accesses their intuitive gifts; sharing my psychic tool box taught to me by my guides; practice readings; remote viewing; reading past, present and future.We will explore a wide range of different means of receiving information and validating the accuracy of that information.

We may use psychometry (working with objects), guided meditation, automatic writing and clearing the aura and chakras, managing the energies with protection and grounding; working with energy, spirits, guides, shamanic journeys, past lives, opening the third eye, pendulum/muscle testing (tools of validation) towards developing clairvoyance, audience and sentience, channeling, visualization, manifestation, working with the lunar cycles and more.There will be practice readings with each other, one on one and in the group, as well.If you have never taken Cathy's psychic development intensive and are curious, interested but hesitant step into the very safe and loving zone Cathy creates and know that she teaches with great love, zeal, empathy, integrity and smarts. " - Don Martin, Editor/Publisher, The Aquarius Magazine "Expect incredible things!" - Noted Channel Becky Arrington "A magical enchanting adventure!I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the class!! It was like a spiritual smorgasbord of stuff to learn about, taste, try and enjoy. I look very forward to coming to YOUR teaching classes!!!As usual, the Universe had a wonderful and thrilling two days for us. The others in the class were our perfect teachers and mirrors. You are very thorough, respectful, knowledgeable, wise, playful, funny..of the best teachers I have ever been a student of."loving zone Cathy creates and know that she teaches with great love, zeal, empathy, integrity and smarts.I have never met anyone who even comes close to her giftedness.I can truly say my sessions with Cathy absolutely revolutionized my life on every level!I highly recommend her classes to beginners, intermediates or advanced students of astrology! He moved out January 2014, just under a year and a half!In October 2013, you told me I would have two pay outs from a lawsuit: one would be paid out to me in April. In January 2013 and October 2013 you mentioned I would meet a man that had a woman around him (maybe a sister or ex girlfriend) and I would need to be nice with the woman. You said this man would be dark exotic, 6'3" with a sports car.

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