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That can be quite indirect, but typically extremely vicious.Add to that compulsive desire of winning at all cost (they are about power; such a natural born power addicts) and see other people just of tools for achieving her goals." Paradoxically, most of the victims of female sociopaths are woman.So a female sociopath in the role of the manager is more dangerous to female subordinates then to male subordinates.The problem is that due to their charm the victim typically fails to pay any attention to them.Here this page might, probably, help as, hopefully, it provides a framework and several checklists for analyzing such a person.Sometimes she will create a threat in her mind merely to defend and excuse what she knows to be her own dreadful behavior." Female sociopaths are a class of its own.

The same is actually true for upper management in the corporate environment: often they do not suspect whom they are dealing with and that their lack of fear, boldness, ability to take outsize risks, are contributing factors to their shrewd performance during the interviews.

This is not clear from the first watching of the film, but if you watch it the second time from the specific angle of Marquise de Merteuil behaviour as a sociopath, you can probably learn a few things about this condition.

Similarly in Fatal Attraction you see how relentless they can stack the victim, using everything to keep the person on a short leash.

Despite inability to feels love, they can imitate it and they are often seductive.

There are no telling signs that they deceive you, other then some minor inconsistencies in their life stories, a little bit free dealing with the facts, a little bit exaggerated emotions and attempts of love bombing.

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