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with odds like that i'd have to be a super-hunk, muscular as all hell, rich as all hell, and have to be into chick fliks to have a remote chance with even an ugly woman there. maybe one day she will be the girl that is like me. – by sarahyou people are so one sided its not even funny.

as for a gamers only site…..i'd guess it's 1 woman per 1,000 guys. i mean you come here and say “wow im glad im not a geek and i have all these girls!

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– by tarayou know i'm damned tired of dating women who don't game and who look down on me when they find out how much i love to do it. i don't want to brag, but i think of myself really handsome. i don't stay on video games all day, i do hang out with friends a lot, write my books (i'm a novelist,) go shopping, cruising for girls in town, read books, and so on. the thing i'm missing is that…i want a female gamer to share my life with!

the problem with most guys is that they look only for “hot” chicks, hot chicks meaning what the almighty maxim says is hot. – by vargasthis is funny, i am extremely attractive and am one of the members of that dating site. i want to be where someone understands the flippin words that are coming out of my mouth.

it is really hard having a date with a guy who is staring only at my large chest and not hearing any of my interests, or interested in me beyond my body.

the problem is most people playing in yahoo, for example, are bored house-wives in their 40s :)since most dating websites already have a chat, i think games are a natural evolution.

we already licensed our multiplayer games to two dating websites (supereva in italy, hevre in israel, and hopefully loveandfriends in uk), and they develop a strong community where people come together and play in certain times of the day.hopefully, we could license more, we just need more marketing people or distributors ( …

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