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These myths end up as rigid stories and ideals within our minds.

In fact, these ideals and beliefs are actually responsible for limiting our spiritual growth and capacity to mature as divine beings.

The human ego tends to believe that it can control life. Life is just as wise, wild and mysterious as it is frustrating!

Our soulmates often appear “out of the blue” when we least expect them to.

This also happens in Real Life online, where e-relationships eliminate most of the usual hardships of making friends and they help shy people to open themselves and show how they really are without worrying about their self image.See also Wish Fulfillment, I Just Want to Be Loved, I Just Want to Be Beautiful, The Four Loves, I Just Want to Be Normal, I Just Want to Be Special, Friendless Background, You Are Not Alone, Et Tu, Brute? When we were young we listened to jovial stories about princes and princesses falling in love and getting married.Some of us spend years pining and searching for the “perfect” lover who can tick all the boxes and match all of our criteria.In fact, some of us even carry around a mental idea of what our soulmates will look like, sound like, and behave like.In Real Life, this trope is defined psychologically as the "need to belong." Note that, in the book The Four Loves, Lewis argues that , Friendship, does not work that way - your friend is someone you have something (activity and/or views) in common with.If you do nothing and have no opinions, you can't have friends in the sense defined by him.Believing that anything outside of yourself will complete or make you whole is not only misguided, but highly dangerous to your well-being.First of all, it’s important to drop the illusion of control.We were taught that we only have one true love out there, and that this person (who is always the opposite gender) completes us.As we grow older many of us seek to fulfil this romantic ideal.

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