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Please read the Foldit Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.See Foldit Status for any issues affecting the game.Foldit is an online game in which humans try to solve one of the hardest computational problems in biology: protein folding. Visit the, the official Foldit site to download the game and get started. See Download-Install-Troubleshoot for install instructions. Use the feedback page if you're having trouble getting the game installed.You don't need to know anything about biology to play the game, although a little background will help. If you're seeing "error contacting server" messages, update this feedback with details.Our multi-award-winning tires are regularly tested by independent international magazines, especially when it comes to our winter tire expertise.

Some of these Apps allow you to record information within the App and store it on your device, to create reports, and to email content from the App.

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In an increasingly urbanized, automated, mobile, digital and connected world, the power our cables transport and distribute is everywhere: where we live, learn, work, interact and play, and its use is growing every day.

We look far ahead to see and shape the future of mobility.

Our goal is to continuously find better ways to bridge distances and bring people together.

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