Offline gay dating

[Source]A conference organizer named Matthew told Reuters that he does not believe Speak Out’s problems were related to Taiwan’s marriage equality decision, saying “some people around me have said this to me, but I think the effect of Taiwan on the Chinese mainland is very limited.”Just two years ago, Chinese gay rights activists made some important legal gains, including Yangzi Peng’s successful 2014 suit against a psychiatric clinic for giving him shock therapy.

The shutdown came soon after PFLAG- and Rela-supported parents of LGBT children were booted from the informal marriage market at People’s Park in Shanghai on May 20, the “Chinese Valentine’s Day.” Amidst blowback from other parents at the park, police informed the mothers that they were holding an unregistered “advertising event” and forced to leave.

She admits to having no choice but to register for offline services after not being able to find potential mates on the internet.

Yu explained: “Offline dating services start at 10,000 yuan, and the price increases according to your physique, social and educational background and your requirement for a future partner.

Statistics from the same company valued China’s dating industry in 2015 at 2.7 billion yuan.

Further growth is predicted as singles born in the 80’s and 90’s hit the market.

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