My christian daughter dating mormon

For example, in his 1954 book For Time or Eternity? Petersen explained how the view of God is much different.

Providing a Daughter: “Are other people’s ideas of God so different? You do not know much about other people’s religions because you have never attended any other church.

How can you expect your Mormon loved one to come to grips with the truths of God’s Word when you are blatantly ignoring them yourself?

Even traditional LDS teaching says dating someone from another religion is not wise.

Strong Mormons have no intention of leaving Mormonism, nor do they desire to see one of their family members leave the system.

Let us consider hypothetically that you plan to marry.

To many the wedding day of a couple is one of the most beautiful experiences of life.

Such a discovery will detract from your integrity as a Christian.

Rarely does such a relationship result in the Mormon converting to Christianity.

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