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In Quebec overall, there were 322 new sign ups in the same year.

Both safe and affordable, Montreal is infused with art and different cultures.

Of its 3.5 million residents, 800,000 were born overseas and 220,000 are engaged in higher education.

O.'s working papers, reports, correspondence, minutes of meetings, internal memoranda, etc., dating mostly between 19. Thus, separate committees made up of advocates, notaries, judges and law professors examined changes to be made to the law of property, of obligations, of successions, of insurance, etc.. in the possession of Mc Gill University amounts to approximately 40,000 pages. This index has been incorporated into this database, and is explained elsewhere in this site.

The official archives are housed in the Archives nationales du Québec in Quebec City. Under the direction of Paul-André Crépeau, the Civil Code Revision Office created over forty committees, each charged with reflecting on a particular portion of Quebec's private law with a view to its reform. will be a rich source for those interested in the working methods of the agency charged with a re-codification of private law in the civilian manner in North America and for those who are prepared to reach behind the more recent publications mentioned above with a view to tracing the evolution of thought in relation to specific matters governed by the new code.

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